At Fork in the Road, we work to enhance human connection and encourage the society of breaking bread together. To do that, we specialize in familiar foods, sometimes partnering and presenting them in ways you might not have seen before. We favor fresh, seasonal and locally produced ingredients whenever it makes sense - all the better to celebrate flavors that nourish body and soul. You will find among our selections items that fit nearly every taste profile, but if you don't see what you have a taste for, we're open to suggestions. We believe the road to joy is paved with variety, deliciousness and gusto, relished in leisurely fashion with people we like a lot - and that looks a little different from one host or hostess to the next.

The small to mid-sized gatherings for which we provide foods are distinct moments in the lives of families, friends, coworkers - each designed to complement the camaraderie and company that are the gifts of togetherness. Whether that means a few dozen cookies for an afternoon tea; a frittata or a granola buffet for a morning meeting; or feeding 45 guests attending a shower, we look forward to working with you to ensure that your event is uniquely yours and wonderfully memorable.

Life is short. Eat well.