Nobody breaks a fast better than we do. Breakfast holds a special place in our hearts, as do its variants - Breakfast for Dinner, Dessert for Breakfast (a real thing), All-Day Breakfast. You catch my drift. So the next time you're convening in the morning (or not), for business or pleasure, consider some of the delicious things that make the day's first meal something well worth rolling out of bed for.

© Sandra S. Weber

Arugula, artichoke and cheese

Spinach, red pepper and cheese
Ham, cheese and onion
Italian sausage, red pepper and fontina

BREAKFAST SAMMIES (regular or mini)
Bacon, cheddar, tomato, and egg on ciabatta
Ham, swiss cheese, and egg with caramelized onion jam on pretzel roll

Tomato jam, fresh mozzarella, and arugula on focaccia

Breakfast parfait bar: housemade salted maple granola, plain and/or vanilla yogurt, dried fruits, seasonal berries
Sweet potato-apple hash with pancetta and chicken sausage
Corned beef hash 
Seasonal fruit - ask about current availabilities
Freshly baked muffins - let’s discuss your favored flavors
Scones - sweet or savory, it's your call

© Sandra S. Weber