There's no sense in denying it - lunch is a midday bright spot. We look forward to taking a breather from the day's workplace duties, whether our office is in a downtown high-rise or in a corner of the family kitchen. Let us bring this eagerly anticipated nourishment to you!

© Sandra S. Weber

Ham, Swiss, caramelized onion jam and honey mustard on a pretzel roll
Turkey, arugula and cranberry mustard on an onion roll
Turkey, bacon, avocado and Swiss cheese in a pita half
Chicken, egg, or tuna salad on whole wheat bread
Hummus, cucumber, roasted red pepper and feta wrap (also available in a cheese-free vegan version)

Bag of chips or carrot and celery sticks
Apple or equivalent available seasonal fruit
Freshly baked cookie or brownie (chef’s choice)

LUNCH IN A JAR (layered salads - dump them out in a big bowl and toss them up!)
Thai chopped: cabbages, vegetables, chicken, vinaigrette and mildly spicy peanut sauce (gluten-free)
Chickpea: with vegetables, olives and a lemony vinaigrette (gluten-free and vegan)
Caprese pasta: tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, penne, spinach, basil and pesto
Spinach blueberry: with toasted pecans, goat cheese, maple-chive balsamic dressing (gluten-free)
Greek Pasta: vegetables, penne, feta cheese, lemony vinaigrette
Italian chopped: lettuces, red cabbage, vegetables, chicken, bacon, bleu cheese, pasta
Black bean bowl: with brown rice, vegetables, fresh lime vinaigrette (gluten-free and vegan)
Farro: with vegetables and a white balsamic-maple vinaigrette (vegan; available gluten-free, with quinoa)
Bacon & bleu Caesar: a riff on the beloved classic, with croutons, boiled egg, crisp lettuce, creamy dressing
Southwest chopped: black beans, corn, chicken, veggies and cheese (gluten-free) 
Butternut squash: roasted squash with apple, toasted walnuts, dried cherries and baby spinach( gluten-free)
Chopped Cobb: chicken, avocado, bacon, hard-cooked egg, bleu cheese, romaine (gluten-free)
Nantucket chef: chicken, pecans, goat cheese, dried cranberries, greens (gluten-free)
Tuna and avocado: with cucumber, onion, tomato and baby spinach (gluten-free)
Antipasto: a robust mix of meats, cheese, peppers, chickpeas, olives, veggies (gluten-free)
Beef & bleu: with vegetables, greens, balsamic vinaigrette (gluten-free)
Southwest chopped: chicken, black beans, vegetables, greens, tortilla chips (gluten-free)
Chicken & waffle: with berries, cucumber, crisp greens, broken waffle cone, maple-forward vinaigrette
Chicken, strawberry & pretzel: with bleu cheese, avocado, greens, a hint of Dijon
Quinoa, cherry & chickpea: with artichoke hearts, kale, walnuts (gluten-free and vegan)
Lentil & roasted potato: with bacon, Swiss cheese (gluten-free)
Roasted beet: with feta cheese, walnuts, caramelized onion, feta cheese, baby spinach (gluten-free) 
Chef: tried-and-true collaboration of meats, cheese, egg, veggies, 1000 Island dressing, all layered (gluten-free)
Sesame crunch tuna: solid white albacore layered with cheese and a classic vinaigrette
Lentil arugula: with couscous, vegetables, toasted walnuts, goat cheese (available gluten-free, with quinoa)
Quinoa & chicken: with cucumber, avocado, toasted pepitas (gluten-free)
Riced cauliflower: layered with lagumes, fruit, veggies (gluten-free; dressing contains honey)
Bleu & berry: nestled in with avocado, veggies, sweet roasted pecans (gluten-free)
Fruited chicken couscous: with fresh herbs, apple, dried cranberries, nuts, greens
Arugula cranberry: with cheese, pears, pecans (gluten-free)
Turkey & sweet potato: with dried cherries, pistachios (gluten-free)
Apple kale: with sharp cheddar cheese and two kinds of sweet & spicy nuts (gluten-free)
Pita & hummus: with vegetables, feta, mango
The P's: a collaboration of crispy prosciutto, pecorino, peas, pine nuts - and arugula (gluten-free) 


© Sandra S. Weber

l. to r.: Italian Chopped, Farro, Greek Pasta, Chickpea, Thai Chopped

Lunches are offered by delivery, with a minimum order of 10 boxes and/or jars, at $12 each.
Please place single-occasion orders at least two days in advance.
A $10 delivery fee applies for locations within 10 miles of downtown Plainfield, $15 if 10-20 miles away.
The jar salads also can be brought to you at the start of the week, priced individually at $10, or $28 for three.
 Four or more jars ordered by a single customer cost $9 each.
A $1 deposit per jar will apply to your first delivery; we'll scoop up the empties when we bring the next one.